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Your Global Partners since 1976

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Our pride is our global supply chain & competent experience established and grown since 1976.

We offer customer specific products at highly competitive levels.

Our customers are our partners we share our market & product knowledge, competitive advantage together.
Our priorities are;
Sustainability in sourcing and production and product development
Food Safety & continuous improvement of production

Proud to be Members of;
Among Top 1000 Exporters of Turkey
2015,2017 Listed in
3. Organize San. Bol. 83320 Cad. No. 7
27120, Gaziantep, Turkey
Tel. +90 342 337 8737 Fax.+90 342 337 8757
Kahraman Tarim Urunleri Ticaret ve Sanayi A. S.
Certified with:
Welcome to Kahraman as

An industry dedicated name for Global sourcing, production and supply of;

Dried Fruits, Nuts and food ingredients

Hulled Sesame Seeds, Tahini

Spices and Herbs

Olive Oil

BRC Company Policy
BRC Company Policy